What is your estimated editing speed?

On average, we estimate (very) roughly 1,000 words per hour. The industry standard is 250 words per page, which comes out to approximately 4 pages per hour. However, an editor’s speed is heavily dependent on the type of document (e.g., journal article, report, proposal, web content), complexity of the document, quality of the writing, level of technical content, formatting requirements, number of references and citations and what kind of shape they're in, number of figures and tables and how much work they need, the level of editing requested, and other potential factors. 

What is your typical turnaround time?

With advance notice (at least 1 to 2 weeks is preferred), we can block time on our calendar for a reasonably quick-turnaround project. See our availability calendar.

We are not usually available for very quick turnarounds (such as 1 or 2 days) without prior notice because we are juggling many projects at the same time. We would need to handle such requests on a case-by-case basis. We can usually turn around a 20-page document within 5 to 7 working days, depending on the type and complexity of the document as mentioned earlier. 

How much does editing cost?

We typically work at an hourly rate. We take all reasonable measures to work quickly but thoroughly, and to stay within your budget. We can provide an estimated range before a project begins and will alert you if it appears that the number of hours may exceed the estimate, at which point we can then decide how to proceed (e.g., perhaps scale back the editing at a lighter level).

Do you provide samples?

Not usually, but we can provide some short excerpts to give you an idea of our skills and style of communication. However, these excerpts may not be entirely representative of our work. How we communicate within a document often depends on the specific relationship we have with a client. Some editing projects reflect heavier or lighter editing, depending on the needs of the client and the client's style requirements. Other projects reflect a shorthand style of communication after many years of working together. Some of our clients are editors themselves, so we communicate differently with them than we would with someone who has never worked with an editor before. We also have nondisclosure agreements with some clients and are unable to share samples of that work. 

Can you provide references?

Yes! Let us know if you'd like to talk to previous clients who can attest to our skills and experience.

Would you recommend other editors?

Absolutely! We collaborate with many other editors who specialize in different areas and may be a better fit for your project or have more availability. Send us an email and we would be happy to refer you to them. 

You could also peruse the biographies of several highly recommended editors and writers who belong to Mightier, a collective of woman-owned businesses that collaborate to promote the social good. 

Other places you might want to check include the Northwest Independent Editors Guild member directory, Editors of Color database, the Editorial Freelancers Association member directory, the ACES Editors for Hire directory, and the Copyediting-L list of freelancers.

Do you offer writing services?

We sometimes offer writing services, usually in partnership with skilled writers as part of a larger project that includes editing and writing. We also know many excellent writers and would be thrilled to connect you with them.

I have more questions!

We would be happy to chat more and point you in the right direction. Please contact us today. We look forward to learning more about your work!